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XTreme, Clean Energy Market Research Newsletter

By PES Network, Inc. with supporting intelligence from the New Energy Congress.

Periodic newsletter (1-4 posts/month) to keep you abreast of some of the most promising developments in the extreme cutting edge of renewable energy advancement, focusing on what in our estimation look to be among the best financial and business opportunities.

$50 trial for first month
$75 for second month
Then $1000/year

Oct. 20, 2008

In the process of gathering our leading news and directory content regarding renewable energy, we routinely come across technologies that are very promising.  Much of this information ends up in our coverage, which is made available to the public for free; but sometimes we are privy to information that the inventor or company does not wish to make public yet.  The purpose of this Cutting-Edge, Clean Energy Market Research newsletter is to give you the opportunity to receive a briefing regarding what we deem to be the very best developments.

Often, in the field of exotic clean energy technology, excellent technologies languish for lack of adequate funding.  It's not our intention to advise your investing.  We provide information that is likely to be of benefit to you as you make such decisions.  From our vantage point, it seems to us that with many of these technology opportunities, while the risk is high, so is the chance of a monumental return, not to mention the benefit brought to humanity.

PES Network, Inc. is considered by many in the field to have the very best news and directory service in the extreme renewable energy technologies sector -- and many of those sentiments were expressed before we launched the New Energy Congress three years ago to further augment our ability to find the most promising clean energy technologies.  See our Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies listing.  Just think of what it would be worth to you to be on the cutting edge of our cutting edge news and directory and facilitating service.

We can't guarantee that you will find a technology that matches your particular interest and specifications, but we certainly can say with confidence that we will introduce you to a wide range of possibilities -- everything from breakthroughs in solar, wind, geothermal, and tide on the conventional end; to opportunities in cold fusion, magnet motors, overunity electromagnetic systems on the unconventional end of the spectrum, the latter being our specialty.  It has been our observation that down through time some of the most groundbreaking developments have not come from mainstream avenues, but have emerged from the so-called "fringe"; so that is where we focus our scrutinizing attention.

This newsletter will both contain a recap of some of the great opportunities that we've covered in our news, as well as briefings about items that we were not able to cover in our news.  

Once you subscribe, we will add you to an exclusive members only Yahoo!Groups newsletter, which will both deliver new messages to you via email as well as provide you with access to past messages.  Because this is a members only, single-user subscription, our terms of service require that you not forward the messages.  However, you are welcome to copy limited portions that you wish to pursue further with your associates.  Group rate subscriptions are available upon request for multiple users from a single company.

Feel free to contact us on occasion if you want to ask more about something that we present in this newsletter.

You're welcome to try us out at a reduced rate for one or two months before committing to the annual subscription rate.

$50 trial for first month
$75 for second month
Then $1000/year


Sterling D. Allan, CEO
PES Network, Inc.
New Energy Congress

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Last updated November 07, 2008

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