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You are here: Pure Energy Systems > About > Personnel > Paul Noel

Paul Noel

- Advisor for PES Network Inc.
- Founding Member of the New Energy Congress

Biographical Sketch

Born in Washington state in 1957, Paul Noel was raised in Huntsville, Alabama, surrounded by NASA and the space program, where his father worked.  He chose the millwork business, and has traveled in 40 of the U.S. states in conjunction with his work, especially in the Gulf Coast from Florida to Louisiana.

He has worked on ecological efforts to clean up severe pollution. He believes in taking care of the earth. His interests include a full study of physics, chemistry, biology, botany, and many other sciences. He has considerable interest in geology. He has traveled among the oil rigs of mobile bay and has been to their shipyards. He has been to the US Army Corps of Engineers experimental station just south of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and learned about the hydraulics effects of water and of earthquake effects. He has read extensively into the topics as well.

His professional career has also included stint worked for the Alabama Department of Revenue from 1988-1989 in South Mobile County of Alabama, which had a lot to do with Dauphin Island. He also worked as an RN for seven years, and as a Software Engineer since 1999.  Most recently he has being doing research hybrid electrical vehicles.

Paul holds three bachelor degrees and one associates degree, in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Applied Science, respectively.  His study included: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Microbiology, Nursing, Business, Statistics, Economics, and Computer Sciences.

Presently residing in Harvest, Alabama, his interests have included extensive study of the issues of success regarding Alabama education organizations and their financial issues. He is the father of the national programs to test the schools by testing the students.

He enjoys study of how the world works at many levels. He built his own home and has skills that run from electronics to automechanics. In the 5th grade was doing college level chemistry and built a personal lab using their cast-off and damaged items. He also often went caving and repelling in his younger years.

He keeps a very large garden which is located to utilize the waste water from the home. His yard uses the location of trees to save energy for his home. He has a flock of chickens that provide eggs, keep down pests and fertilize the garden and surrounding areas. He raises grapes which are located to recover any nutrient that might be escaping by water flow in the yard.


History Lane

On May 13, 2010, Paul wrote (not intending for publication, but allowing it later):

In 1975 I reported to Vonnegut (New York) that tornados were a natural particle accelerator.  In 1995 I told Dr O. Vaughn (NASA Huntsville) that thunderstorms produced natural particle accelerators and the Red Sprites and Blue Jets they wondered about were this.  You remember the hurricanes (Wilma etc).... [Wilma the Capacitor (Oct. 25, 2005)]

Check out Science Daily's April 14 story: Giant Natural Particle Accelerator Above Thunderclouds.  Thought you might like to know. 

Guess what. I didn't discover it after all. These guys did in 2010! Of course time travel might be required to catch up with me. Sorry for the heckling but if you remember what the Slashdot guys said....

Wow. I am sorry. I should never be ahead of the curve. Why? My brother (oldest one) told me that I was someone who would see that things before others were willing to accept them. ...

Thought you might like a little history report. 

It isn't possible that I know what I am talking about is it? 

For the record.

I hold 3 college degrees with about 240 Semester Hours including Physics (Including calculus based), Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic, analytic, Qantitative and Qualitative, Accounting, Computer Science, Microbiology, Biology, Accounting, Business, Nursing, and much more). Most PhD's have far less than I hold. I was doing College level Chemistry by 5th Grade. I was doing rocketry, mapping and a lot more before high school. I was breeding plants before I was 11. I don't do it now but I know what is going on. My favorite sciences are agriculture and chemistry. My bedroom was a radio station for 8 years (Ham) during the time I built transmitters, antenna and receivers. 

I have done extensive exhaustive studies on public education and what works and doesn't work. I have done extensive work on electronics design and embedded programming. 

I have traveled 40 US States and 4 foreign countries. 

During my work in Mobile County a typical day might take me as far as Washington County or Dauphin Island. I have worked for months on Dauphin Island and the region around it where the Oil industry works out of. 

I am not really wanting to publish all of this. I sort of hate credentials stuff. I figure if the facts don't carry the day it is all a lie anyway. 

I just though you might like to know. 

Articles by Paul Noel for Pure Energy Systems News (PESN)

  • Featured: Conspiracy > Big Brother >
    More on the NSA and code cracking - Paul Noel exposes how with the NSA demanding a backdoor to all communications, that PGP encryption has become like being forced to lay our money on the counter, open to criminals and identity thefts, while not protecting us from the alleged terrorists; even while treating us all like criminals with no way to clear the record. (PESN; September 8, 2013)
  • Feature: Global Warming / Earth Changes >
    Extreme Weather a Function of Cosmic Dielectrics - Paul Noel asserts that severe storms "are an electromagnetic effects of the plasma fields surrounding the solar system. These are what make sun spots as well. The driver is electrical. The mechanism is primarily capacitant and is based on dielectric." This is why opposite extremes appear at the same time on the planet. (PESN; Aug. 19, 2010)
  • Oil > Ecological Impact >
    A volcano of oil erupting - New video showing largest hole from pipe 5 feet in diameter spewing oil and natural gas at ~4 barrels per second, along with analysis of the amount of oil on the surface, supports the estimates closer to 1 million barrels per day erupting from this hole BP popped in the ocean floor that contains trillions of barrels of oil and natural gas. (PESN; May 13, 2010)
  • Oil > Ecological Impact >
    Mother gusher danger not passed - With BP applying several fixes to the leaking well and the spreading oil, people might tend to classify this spill as "just another spill" among so many, which will go away after a while. A blowout is still a very real possibility, and the repercussions of the oil spilt are far-reaching. (PESN; May 6, 2010)
  • Oil > Ecological Impact >
    Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans - Imagine a pipe 5 feet wide spewing crude oil like a fire hose from what could be the planets' largest, high-pressure oil and gas reserve. With the best technology available to man, the Deepwater Horizon rig popped a hole into that reserve and was overwhelmed. If this isn't contained, it could poison all the oceans of the world. (PESN; May 2, 2010)
  • Oil > Ecological Impact >
    Deepwater Horizon debacle pushes alt energy - In addition to devastating ecological despoiling, the oil slick could shut down Mississippi River transport, effecting nearly half of U.S. import/export commerce. The damage to the tourism industry in Alabama and Florida could top $25 Billion a year for several years. Faced with this disaster the Obama Administration has just stopped all off shore drilling. (PESN; May 1, 2010)
  • Grid > Smart >
    NIST presently setting grid connectivity backbone - Right now at this very instant of time and for a very short period of time in the near future the standards for the transmission, formats and processes for all of the data handled in the Smart Grid are being written. Everything that proceeds for decades after this time will hinge on what we do in the next approximately 25 days. (PESN; June 13, 2009) (Comment at
  • Supertanker Takeovers by "Pirates" has Insider Fingerprints - Oil industry specialist, Paul Noel, argues that these "hijackings" could not happen without insider complicity, but that they are likely a ploy by oil interests to generate anxiety and get oil prices moving back up again. (PESN; Nov. 18, 2008)


  • email: <Paul.Noel {at} >
  • Harvest, Alabama, USA

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"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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