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You are here:
PureEnergySystems.com > News > Aug. 4, 2004

Eugene Podkletnov Anti-Gravity Breakthrough

Superconducting Force-Beam Generator produces an output in excess of hundreds of pounds of pure gravitational force.  Follow-up interview.

by Tim Ventura
for Pure Energy Systems News


Podkletnov reveals that his Gravity-Beam Generator generates hundreds of pounds of force!
Eugene Podkletnov

Last week Dr. Eugene Podkletnov stunned the experimental Anti-Gravity community with the revelation that his Superconducting Force-Beam Generator was producing an output in excess of hundreds of pounds of pure gravitational force.

We've just finished a follow-up interview with Podkletnov to learn more about the results that he's been getting.

Podkletnov claims that the gravitational beam is generated by a 3 to 5 megavolt drop onto a 4-inch diameter superconductor, which is enclosed in a wrapped-solenoid to create a magnetic field around the apparatus.

Pulses are powerful enough to punch through brick, concrete, and deform light-metals "like hitting it with a sledgehammer".

The beam doesn't disappear rapidly with distance -- in fact, its been measured at distances of up to 5 kilometers, and seems to penetrate all materials without a decrease in force. These are only a few of the details that he provides as we cover listener questions in this follow-up interview.

Interview Links

Eugene Podkletnov Breakthrough (High-Quality) WinMedia Audio [1.8 mb]

Eugene Podkletnov Breakthrough (Standard-Quality) WinMedia Audio [1 mb]

Original Interview (High-Quality) WinMedia Audio [1 mb]

Additional information is online at:

Special thanks to Bill Alek for audio-hosting at http://www.intalek.com

Other Relevant Info

Last week's interview:

"Supposedly, the only people in the USA who can make the 4+ superconductors are these guys, who made the NASA/MFC device:"

2839 Charter St.
Columbus, OH 43228
Phone: (800) 346-6567, (614) 486-0261
Fax: (800) 292-8654, (614) 486-0912
Email: sales@sci-engineered-materials.com


Tim Ventura
Phone: 425-820-5675
Mobile: 425-260-4175

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