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You are here: > News > Nov. 18, 2004

Fuelless Motor Design Announced by GMC Holdings

Stand alone, pollution free, quiet, cool running, scalable.  Still in research and development stage.

Pure Energy Systems News
Nov. 18, 2004
From press release


ORLANDO, FLA, USA -- GMC Holding Corporation (GMCC), a publicly traded pink sheet company, has announced that they have a solution for the world's power and energy needs.

After twelve years of research and development GMCC announced Thursday that they have achieved a major breakthrough.  They purport that the motor they have developed provides substantial mechanical power and/or electricity, without the need to consume fossil fuels, hydrogen or hydrogen fuel cells, substantial batteries or any other outside recharging source.

As such, their device would provide independence from the grid system, both electric and fuel.

GMCC says their stand-alone all-green power systems are 100% pollution-free, setting a new standard in energy efficiency and revolutionizing energy producing for the world market.

They say the systems can be adapted for powering all types of motor vehicles, including the trucking, RV, boating and golf cart industry, in addition to delivering energy for residential, commercial and agricultural markets.

Electric motors consume over half of the energy produced each day by the utility companies within the U.S.  This technology would allegedly replace that supply, significantly alleviating the world's dependence on oil.

GMCC says their system is safe, clean, reliable, quiet, cool, easy to operate, long-lasting, with zero emissions; and that they can be manufactured in various sizes and power output ranges -- from a fraction of a horsepower to several thousand horsepower, depending on need -- and that they will last for 20-50 years.

GMCC will be forming alliances with entities/groups on a domestic and international basis for manufacturing and distribution to the various segments of the marketplace.  Jamestown Advisory Group, Inc, is listed as the primary financial consultant and master distributor of the TS2000.

Technical Description

According to GMCC, the prototype motor presented is a permanent magnet design, with the magnets suspended in an inner frame forming the rotor and multiple coils embedded in an outer frame forming the stator. The unit is designed with helical rows of matching magnets and coils, whose numbers can be varied depending on the size requirements. The stator is pulsed with direct current (DC) forming an opposing electric field, i.e. repulsive orientation, thus collapsing the existing permanent magnetic field and causing the motor to rotate. A series of electronic switches are triggered by an optical sensor to provide proper pulse width and timing. A standard DC-DC motor controller system is used to control the magnitude of the pulses and therefore the speed.

Theory of Operation

GMCC states that the motor is designed on the known principals set forth by Nikola Tesla. The operation is based on the collapsing and subsequent expanding of the permanent magnetic field. This produces two effects: the first is tremendous repulsion and torque, as is true in all DC motors; the second effect is that of a back electromagnetic force (Ke). It is this Ke energy that is used in a regenerative fashion to increase the motor's efficiency to extremely high levels. Another effect of the rapid pulsing of the electromagnetic field is the phenomenon of "cold running". Unlike conventional motors which produce tremendous heat, this motor exhibits very little temperature rise during operation.


GMCC says this motor will manifest all attributes of current DC motors including tremendous torque and brushless rotor construction. This unit shall also be capable of turning a standard AC generator to produce conventional AC power and thus provide power for remote locations operating only from standard 12VDC batteries. Most current applications of DC motors and indeed, many AC motor applications, shall be covered by variations of this motor with greatly increased efficiency and reliability. The expected operating temperatures alone may constitute a new class of efficiency and increase mean time between failures (MTBF) to unheard of levels.

- Official website of Jamestown Advisory Group.
Phone: 407-834-9400

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