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You are here: > News > Jan. 8, 2004

Curtain Lifted on Kipper Tricks

Wes Crosiar says he knows how Marcus Kipper has been getting his alleged over unity technology to work.  Microwave transmitter in back yard pumps added energy into demo device.  Gadget in car does same thing when demonstrating out in the desert.  Says Les Hendershot device probably of similar ilk.

See rebuttal following article.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Marcus Kipper demonstrates
his device out in the desert
with no wires attached.
His truck is ~20 feet away.

click for enlargement

Single winding "antenna"
that Crosiar obtained from
Kipper.  Note melted

Note red coil situated
between motor and

Marcus Kipper with device
in sun room, with screen
opening from about 3' up.

Held in midair near the
motor, the fluke meter
reads 1.3 amps.

REMOTE ARIZONA, USA - Marcus Kipper has been demonstrating a technology that purportedly yields up to ten times the power output over what is put in.  After five trips of ten hours each and $14,000 later, Wesley Crosiar of California says he has uncovered the secret to the device in what appears to be blatant trickery -- hidden wireless microwave transmission of power.

The device consists of a 12-volt battery that runs a motor, which in turn runs an alternator, that then, after a rectifier, passes energy through a specially designed coil that is tucked between the motor and the alternator -- allegedly to extract the energy from electromagnetic fields being emitting from both -- in order to then charge an output battery or run a load.  Once the system is operating, the loop can be closed, and ten times the current begins to flow through the wires.  This causes the insulation on the wires to begin melting, followed by arcing, at which point 100 times the energy flows, even melting the wires.

Supposedly, this is possible because the device is tapping "ionic energy" from the surrounding aetheric medium found between the motor and the alternator.

Not so, according to Crosiar, who has documented reasons to believe the device is actually powered by local wireless transmission of microwave power.  The power is picked up by the antenna coil that consists basically of several 3-inch loops of wire, approximately matching the wavelength of the microwave.

Behind the Curtain of Oz

Crosiar said he recently took a look around Kipper's property and discovered a microwave dish situated about 150 feet from the home, tucked back away in the trees, trained on the home.  He speculates that a microwave oven that he once saw in an adjoining room could have also been modified to do the trick as well.  Kipper later denied ever having a microwave, but both Crosiar and his wife saw it on one of their visits.

Crosiar said that when Kipper gives a demonstration in his home (which seems to be one of the only places the device will work), he says something like, "Feel the wires starting to get hot?!"  It is then, Crosiar guesses, that Kipper's wife (who is usually in an adjoining room during the demonstration) flips a switch, activating the microwave dish, which then causes a transmission of energy to the coils.

This would also explain why, when Kipper holds his clamp-on amp meter in the air above the device, the meter shows a current of up to two amps.  The diameter of the fluke enclosure and the diameter of the coil antenna are roughly the same.

"One of my friends told me the U.S. military has had this technology for a long time," said Crosiar, referring to the ability to transmit power via microwave for up to six miles.  "It is highly classified."

Crosiar has replicated the effect using a cheap microwave oven.  He placed the coil inside the oven, threading the coil ends up through the top of the oven to then connect to the rectifier and battery.  The coil configuration picks up the microwave frequencies and causes a high current to flow in the wire.

When the microwave transmitter is turned on, the current goes from 0.5 amps up to 7 to 8 amps as the wires act as an antenna for the microwave power.  That much energy causes the insulation on the wires to begin melting in spots.  Then, the next jump to 70 to 80 amps happens when the wires start arcing, short-circuiting the battery, filling the room with smoke within a fraction of a second.  If the wires are not immediately disconnected from the battery, they begin to glow red.

Of course, that is not what Kipper says.  As far as the observers are concerned, they are witnessing copious amounts of free energy flowing in from the aether.  Melt down.

Crosiar was witness to this show on numerous occasions, and said it was very convincing and impressive.

The room where this demonstration takes place is lined with screen from the waist up.  Screen mesh blocks microwave radiation.  The motor is sitting on a small child's table below the level of the screen mesh.  As far as the visitor is concerned, it is just mosquito netting in a sun-room, and making do with what is lying around.  Reasonable enough.

Crosiar points out that when the device is demonstrated "out in the desert," Kipper's pick-up truck is situated nearby, and probably has a microwave horn.  This is not the kind of horn that honks, but one installed for the purpose of microwave broadcast.  Crosiar also points out that Kipper gives some kind of excuse as to the depletion of the battery in his truck.  He quotes Kipper as claiming that it is related to the phenomenon of batteries becoming depleted when UFOs are nearby, as some people have reported.

The Elusive Grail

Kipper has been at this since at least 1990.  He no longer sports the beard and headband, but has a clean-cut look.

Crosiar came along around three years ago, and put up his life savings to get involved.

He attempted to replicate the technology, but it would only work when Kipper was around.  He was so baffled that he even wondered if maybe Kipper, who is a Wiccan, wasn't playing some kind of occult trick on his mind to make him see an illusion of something happening that was not.

The device itself is very simple.  If it were what Kipper claims it to be, this device should therefore work just about anywhere, but it does not.

About a year ago, Crosiar had thought maybe the device was picking up energy from high power lines, serving as a wireless transformer.  He theorized that Kipper's property must be near an underground high-power transmission line.  Taking his replicated device to several locations underneath high power lines, and determining that no energy was being picked up through the coil, he disproved that notion.

One of the final tell-tale signs and last straws was when Crosiar showed up at Kipper's place and requested that he run it there in the driveway, not in his home.  The device had run in Kipper's porch before, but Crosiar could not get it to work when he returned home.  Kipper fiddled with it for about an hour but could not get it to run.  It was on this same trip that Crosiar discovered the microwave dish out behind Kipper's home.

The Recipe

Crosiar gives the exact ingredients of the simple system, so that anyone can build it and prove to themselves that it is just microwave energy that is being picked up -- not "ionic energy."

- Two 12-volt batteries, one for input, and one to receive the output charge until the loop is closed.
- One DC motor (the kind used in a tread mill work best).
- One belt.
- One alternator that uses neodymium magnets on its rotor, with nickel.  This is probably not crucial, but it is what Kipper prescribes -- most likely for effect.
- Full wave bridge rectifier.
- Six foot length of 12 gauge wire.
- Switch.
- Microwave oven.

The DC motor is run by one of the 12-volt batteries.  The motor is hooked to the alternator by a belt.  The alternator is connected to the full-wave bridge rectifier.  The rectifier is connected to the output battery via a specially wound coil.

The crucial, but not highly finicky part is winding the coil.  Take two 6-foot lengths of 12-gauge wire (preferably stranded, not solid copper).  With the two lengths of wire parallel to each other, tie half a square knot in the wires, as if they were one wire, leaving about a 3-inch diameter loop. Then tie another similar knot, but with the overlap going the other way so that the overlap of wires alternates, from one knot to the next, down the 6-foot length of wire.  You then twist these loops so they wind back on themselves into a thicker overlapped toroid loop of the same diameter.  That is the coil.

One wire connects the positive of the bridge to the positive of the battery, and the other wire connects the negatives.

If you don't want to see the battery short-circuit effect, then you just do one length of wire like this, and run it between the positive lead of the bridge and the positive lead of the battery, and run a regular wire between the negative leads.

A single strand, used by Kipper, which has been melted.

Related Devices

Crosiar says that Kipper is not the first person to have pulled this hoax.  He believes that the legendary Les Hendershot was doing the same thing.  His device had a similar arrangement.  Crosiar says, "You always see magnetron magnets in the photos, which suggests he had access to microwave technology".

Crosiar points out that Hendershot worked in Brimerton Shipyard, a military operation in Washington in the late 20's, early 30's.  They had microwave technology there, so it is not inconceivable the Hendershot could have lifted some stuff enabling him to pull off the hoax.

- - - -


Thanks to Mary-Sue Haliburton for her editorial skills.


Wes Crosiar and video demonstration prepared by Marcus Kipper and his wife from around 1991, showing the device in operation in the desert and in their home porch.


Steve Elswick gave the following response.  He has worked directly with Marcus Kipper, and claims to have replicated the effect himself.  He has been selling Kipper device plans since 1989.

Composed Jan. 8; Modified Jan. 9, 2005
Posted with permission

Having helped Kipper build one of these devices, I disagree with Wes's analysis. For starters, it worked in my shop for three weeks, whether Kipper was there or not. Second, having been exposed to an intense magnetic field in the past, I am somewhat sensitive to energy fields. For instance, if I am in the same room as a Tesla coil, my teeth are immediately set on edge and the back of my throat tightens up. I get the same reaction if I stand near an operating microwave oven (and they are shielded). Certainly, if I was standing in front of a giant transmitter I would have felt it.

Furthermore, look at the amount of energy required to achieve this. Energy falls off at the rate of the distance squared. I need to check further into this, but if memory serves me right under ideal conditions only 1/4 of the power transmitted would be received. Therefore for the ~1KW receiver, you would be looking at a 5KW transmitter. Given that Kipper is totally off the grid, he would be looking at a mobile generator and heavy duty transmitting equipment to boot. For Kipper to be able to expend that kind of power without noticeably affecting his household (i.e. dimming of lights, etc) would be impressive on its own merits. (Last time I was there, he had to fire up his gas powered generator to wash the clothes... in the daytime!)

It would not surprise me a bit to find out that Kipper has a microwave dish. The most likely use for it is for satellite TV reception. I have a microwave dish for this purpose as well. In Arizona, there are areas where there is no cable service, or reception, and the only service available is satellite. Kipper lives in one of these "dead" areas.

It is good to know that the effect can be replicated IN a microwave. But there the energy is focused. Therefore it doesn't even qualify for a good tabletop demonstration as there is no simulated atmospheric attenuation, and dispersion over a distance involved. It is highly unlikely that Kipper would turn his house into a giant microwave oven and expose himself, his wife, and children to massive doses of non-ionizing radiation. After all, Kipper is a naturopath and would realize the danger of that type of energy.

Sorry, Wes is barking up the wrong tree. Justifying his expenditure by claiming microwave fraud for not only Kipper, but Hendershot as well, is a big stretch which distorts electrical history. Microwave technology research was kicked off at Columbia University in 1942, and microwave tube r&d didn't gain any legs until 1944. Therefore, in the 1920s and '30s, Hendershot would have had to invent a microwave transmitter as well as a receiver. Wes's explanation also does not account for the fact that at least one other person independent of Kipper (and 1000 miles away in Missouri) replicated the Kipper Motor and observed the same effects I did. Unfortunately, the effect in Missouri lasted over a weekend and then quit.

I am sure the answer to this mystery lies elsewhere. Wes should have hung on to his money and not have financed the agent provocateur (and later Kipper directly). Once the promise of millions were dangled in front of Kipper, things began to get very strange with Kipper, culminating with the reneging of his promise of providing technical support with the plans. (Kipper later admitted to me that he was not to work with me or the other inventors who bought plans on this device as a condition of his commitment to the AP.) I am sure, that had this not been done, we may have gotten to the bottom of this by now.

One of the purposes of publishing the plans in "ExtraOrdinary Technology" was to encourage members to replicate this device. A more detailed analysis of what I believe was occurring in the device is contained in my book, "Tesla's cars and Other Free Energy Devices". One of the thing that struck me about the Kipper circuit is that it is surprisingly similar to one the basic Tesla patents cited as a free energy device by other researchers. There is a lot more to this than meets the eye, and I believe it is related to Tesla's 1931 Pierce Arrow experiment. It is probably drawing power from the same source.

Steve Elswick --
Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology
520-463-1994 -

* * * * *

Crosiar's Response to Elswick

Jan. 9, 2004

Wes Crosiar points out that with a "resonant-tuned circuit you can get near 100% transfer efficiency one from point to another."  In other words, it is conceivable that Kipper could have a remote microwave dish trained on his motor and not necessarily endanger his health in the process, as most of the energy would be directed to the motor antenna.  A military friend of his said they could point parabolic dishes at a sea gull half a mile away and drop the sea gull.

Crosiar also said that Kipper refuted Elswick's claims to three weeks of a running device.  He said that Elswick never had it going for more than about an hour at a time during that period.

Regarding Hendershot, Kipper said that a history of Hendershot shows that he was working on being able to remotely power a toy airplane, indicating the level of technological knowledge at his disposal.

It should also be pointed out that even though civilian use of microwave power came along later, that military knowledge of the technology could have existed prior in some form.  Military knowledge often ahead of civilian applications.  He said that most all the photos of Hendershot and his device show the E-shaped magnets which are immediately recognized as magnetrons from microwave technology.

For what it is worth, Crosiar noted that most of the adjoining properties to Kipper's remote lot have burnt down buildings.

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Oct. 31, 2004
Last updated December 24, 2014





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