Bowman Magnet Motor Open Sourcing Project

Status: Project commenced Dec. 2003 with claim to a working device, which later, after three months, ended up running down due to demagnetization.  No replications were accomplished though several were attempted.

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How the Bowman Magnetic Motor Works

Mann asserts that if a person understands the principle behind how the Bowman device works that the mechanics of replicating it become easier. 

He said he had been working on this design for years but to no avail.  At one point he decided he first needed to understand how magnets work. It was after that study that he was able to produce a working device.

He seems to have a developed gift to visualize what the magnetic fields are doing in four-dimensions (3D plus time).  "I can see into these things," he said.

The fact (if it is as he says it is) that he has successfully built a working magnetic motor should be credential enough to his natural ability.

Depending on the manufacturer, the technique, and the magnet, the properties of magnets vary as much as 30% within even one batch.  Some magnet distributors are particular about the uniformity of the magnets they sell, but even then there will be variation between magnets.

Hence, this magnetic motor is not something that can merely be described by blueprints alone.  There are certain elements that must be "tuned" in assembling the components of each unit.  Mann has identified what those elements are, eliminating the guesswork, and making it a matter of scientific method.

As we progress with this open sourcing project, there are a lot of variables that should be introduced and characterized, but first the task is to accomplish a simple replication.

Mann was hoping to come upon a way to use the entire magnetic force for motive power. However, this present design requires at least half of the magnet power to be used to counter-act one magnet with another, the remaining is tappable for power. He doesn't think more than that can be tapped. Perhaps someone will show him wrong someday, even as he is showing the present models of physics to be incorrect.

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