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Summary: This open sourcing project sponsored by Pure Energy Systems, based on a design by MXLO, commenced Mar. 3, 2004 and was active for about a month.  At least 14 (8 verified) replications were built, none of which worked, proving that MXLO plans are neither easy nor complete, contrary to what they insinuate on their site, which now redirects to the U.S. government's renewable energy site. On July 10, a hint about shielding was given that was not contained in the plans.

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Aluminum Interactions with Magnets


From: Mikael Bi
Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2004 7:27 AM
Subject: Re: [pes_mxlo] Some Info about Aluminium and magnetic Poles

About aluminum and magnetism, take a magnet and install it on the spin side of the press drill and take aluminum on the bottom, and make spin the drill, you will see that the aluminum will heat even if there is no contact...So there is an effect between aluminum and magnetism some how.
Same thing if you use a ball shape magnet and put it in an aluminum tube you will see some restriction when the magnet ball is drop.

chorianopoulos2002 <> wrote:
A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine uses an enormous and extremely strong magnet to study a patient's body.  The magnet, which has its north pole at the patient's head and its south pole at the patient's feet, is actually a coil of superconducting wire through which electric charges flow.

(a)        The needle of your magnetic compass has its north magnetic pole painted red and its south pole painted white.  It you stand a few meters from the MRI machine, at the end where the patient's head is, why does the white end of the compass turn toward the patient's head?
Because the magnet of the machine has its north pole there and it attracts the opposite pole, which is the south pole of the compass.

(b)      (d)    Aluminum isn't normally magnetic, but as you carry a large aluminum tray toward the magnet, you find that the magnet repels the aluminum.  Explain.
Once again, Lenz's law.  The magnet induces a magnetic field in the moving aluminum tray to oppose its own, effectively pushing it away.

(c)      (e)    You eventually manage to get the aluminum tray up to the magnet.  As long as the tray doesn't move, it experiences no magnetic forces.  But when you drop it, it falls past the magnet remarkably slowly.  What slows down its fall?
That trickster, Lenz.  When the tray is stationary, the magnetic field of the magnet is not changing, but as soon as it moves, the field begins changing and an opposing field is induced.

* * * *

From: "hardinly" <>
Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2004 8:06 PM
Subject: [pes_mxlo] Re: Aluminum

Just today, I did experiment for the first time with the Lenz effect.
I slid a magnet down a steeply sloped sheet of aluminum. It slid down
very slowly... it was weird to see for the first time.

From:  "Darrell Jacobson" <>
Date:  Sun Mar 7, 2004  9:43 am
Subject:  Re: [pes_mxlo] Some Info about Aluminium and magnetic Poles

Its true, if you drop a magnet through a copper or aluminum pipe or tube or move it just above the surface of an aluminum plate, the magnet will create eddy fields in the aluminum. If the aluminum plate isn't too big you can cause it to flip over with the motion of the magnet, especially if it is a strong magnet like a neo. Incidentally copper is effected the same way aluminum is.

* * * *

From:  "Mark" <>
Date:  Sun Mar 7, 2004  10:38 am
Subject:  [pes_mxlo] Some Info about Aluminium and magnetic Poles

In fact, all diamagnetic materials are affected by Lenzí law. I've experimented with Magnesium and Be, they do the same even though they are lightweight metals. No metals are neutral to magnetism. Even non-metals exhibit a reaction. I've seen frogs suspended by supermagnets, the frogs' life seemed unaffected.

* * * * *

From:  Ron Viellieux <>
Date:  Sun Mar 7, 2004  8:09 pm
Subject:  Re: [pes_mxlo] Some Info about Aluminium and magnetic Poles

Copper and Al effects with magnets, this is due to Eddy Currents or Eddy Field that sets up with either a spinning disk or dropping magnet thru copper tube.  The Eddy creates a resistance to gravity and effects or slows down the magnet in a copper tube.

Amusement rides, the ones that shoot you up in the air and drop you real fast then stop you, they use magnet copper Eddy effect as a magnetic braking system.

Similar technology used in Mag-Lev trains for propulsion.



From:  Mikael Bi <>
Date:  Sun Mar 7, 2004  1:37 pm
Subject:  Re: [pes_mxlo] Some Info about Aluminium and magnetic Poles

Do you think  the present concept with diode at the extremity  of collector coil, so  it is eddy current who make electron flow, as diode at the extremity block Back EMF,  voltage but only few milliamps?

Lenz Law and Imbalance

From: "kenny_ppm" <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 9:00 PM
Subject: [pes_mxlo] Re: Aluminum...Copper...& Magnets...Oh My

Well, Yes, the aluminum creates 'part of' the imbalance  with lenz
law to keep this thing going. Eben if it appears this will slow it
down, it will also imbalance the fields.
Good luck.


Sliding Neo down Aluminum strip

From: "creatr" <>
Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2004 1:37 AM
Subject: [pes_mxlo] Comments and fiddling around....

By the way, it is quite fascinating to place a long aluminum strip
at a very steep angle (50-80 degrees) and let a neo magnet slide
along it downward.  You can keep it from slipping off the edge by
tilting the strip left or right as it slides down.  Experiencing
that will give you a real sense of just how "real" the interaction
of the rotor and the aluminum must be..

Best regards,


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