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You are here: > Store > HyCO 2DT

For Sale:
HyCO 2DT by Eagle Research

The HyCo 2DT, invented by George Wiseman, is a fuel efficiency technology that can improve turbocharged engine (diesel or gasoline) mileage by 10%, which can result in huge savings for semi trucks that drive 8 hours/day on average. He is presently offering a discount for the beta testing roll-out. 

Notice about beta program: "This pre-release program is very limited and I think they are all spoken for at this time anyway." -- George, July 10, 2013
Columbian HyCO 2DTUSAHyCO2DT
One is made in Colombia and one is made in the USA.

Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Being on his mailing list, I received the following announcement from my friend, George Wiseman, on June 7, 2013, and have posted it here with permission.

George is one of the most well-respected names in hydroxy / HHO / Browns Gas research worldwide, and has been for decades.

PES receives referral credit for sales made via these links. 

Feature NEWS:  The HyCO 2DT Beta Program

The HyCO 2DT is not only a practical and proven fuel saver, it is a great moneymaker for Eagle-Research affiliates. Imagine how much money a trucker could make when talking to other truckers about the thousands of dollars being saved in fuel costs, or when passing another truck on an uphill grade.  Any Eagle-Research affiliate can make $300 each time someone they referred buys a HyCO 2DT.

The HyCO 2DT is specifically designed for turbocharged engines (diesel or gasoline). I originally developed the HyCO 2DT (in the early 1990's) after we discovered that our HyCO 2A technology would not work on diesel because diesel fuel has too slow an evaporation rate.  HyCO technology makes fuel vapors with evaporation instead of heat; 'cold' vapor systems are a lot less expensive to make, are dependable and simpler, thus more practical.

The basic concept to make the HyCO 2DT work came to me from three separate sources practically simultaneously... It's like the Universe was making sure I didn't miss the 'hint'.

Over the years the HyCO 2DT has languished in moratorium obscurity on my 'someday' shelf (with several other billion dollar potentials).  Frankly, I just do not have time to market all my innovations.  I manufacture and sell a select few, so that I can finance my research.

People from all over the world have bought my HyCO 2DT Manual and built their own, with consistent results and satisfaction.  

Several times people have wanted to manufacture and sell HyCO 2DT units but no one followed through... Until NOW!  There are presently TWO people manufacturing HyCO 2DT units.  

One is made in Colombia and one is made in the USA.

The Columbian business now seems well established and building clients daily.  The USA manufacturer is still at the Beta test stage (has working prototypes and is ready for limited public sales).  

With fuel costs continuing to rise, it is an ideal time to introduce a technology that will save truckers as much as $10,000 per year (often doubling the truck's net income).

My sister had a trucking company with her Ex for years.  He drove one of their trucks and she managed the business.  What she's told me about fuel consumption and profit margins pretty much matches this paper published by the US Department of Energy (click).
In addition to customer testimonials, I have an independent testing report for the HyCO 2DT (click) that scientifically proves the gains the truckers are actually reporting from the road.
On Class 8 diesel engines, independent tests prove 10%+ gains in both power and mileage at the same time. This means that a truck that uses $100,000 per year in fuel saves $10,000. The truck can also save hours in travel time, which often helps more money to be made.   

What is not generally realized is that the Gross annual income from such trucks is about $150,000 and the net income is razor thin, about $10,000 (I got these figures from my Sister who has owned and run trucks for many years).
So a fuel savings of $10,000 actually doubles the net income of the truck.

The HyCO 2DT does not void warranties and does not harm the engine.  It is self-contained and maintenance free.  It is completely automatic and doesn't require any modifications or adjustments to the engine.  It has now been used in trucks, boats and large stationary engines around the world for decades without a single failure.  It can be moved from engine to engine, so as you upgrade you can enhance the new truck, or you can leave it on the old truck to get a better resale value (higher mileage truck).

The HyCO 2DT doesn't require any special attention from the driver. Just install and drive normally.

The HyCO 2DT's function is totally automatic, as you need more power your turbo pressure will rise, which increases the volume of vapors from the HyCO 2DT.  When you return to idle the turbo pressure stops and the HyCO 2DT stops creating vapors.

The HyCO 2DT generally has less than a 6 month payback time and is built to last for decades with almost zero maintenance.

We need trucks to agree to Beta Run these new HyCO 2DT. 

Before we start mass marketing them to the public, we want to have some running around on class 8 trucks, so we can gather relevant data, take pictures, video, refine our installation instructions, test our marketing, customer service, etc.  

These two entrepreneurs have collaborated with me and have manufactured units that I am willing to endorse and sell on my own website.  I'll be testing 10 of each, for real life comparison figures so we can give customers an informed choice.

This will be the first time we'll be presenting an officially 'Eagle-Research approved' HyCO 2DT into the marketplace.  Till now, if you wanted one, you had to build it yourself (click).

The HyCO 2DT doesn't work if the turbo isn't making pressure, so it doesn't help engines that are idling or mostly in low power mode, for those applications see the HyZor Technology (click)(click).

Independent dyno testing has proven the HyCO 2DT to give 10% fuel reduction and 14% power increase on class 8 trucks; which the actual on road truckers confirm they are getting with their home-built units.  (We have seen up to 40% gain, when the turbo is active, on passenger vehicles).

We can rightfully and confidently claim these gains, not only because we have government standard proof, but because we've made advancements that will get even more gains that we can't claim yet because we don't have a newer independent test report.  I will tell all about these upgrades in the HyCO 2DT Resources.

The HyCO 2DT fits all engines, (gasoline and diesel) but the engine needs a turbocharger.

This HyCO 2DT is designed to outlast the engine it is on and requires near zero maintenance (occasional visual check of hoses, etc.).  

This HyCO 2DT has been designed to include all the upgrades we've developed since I invented it in 1990.  It is also designed to be failsafe.

The HyCO 2DT will NOT void warranties of truck or engine (click).  Our dyno tests proved that the power gain did not go over the limit specified by the engine manufacturer.  We increased power even as the fuel used dropped dramatically.

Hundreds of truckers have bought our HyCO 2DT Manual (click).  Some built their own and there are dozens of trucks are using it, all over the world.

The HyCO 2DT retail is $3000 (plus about $300 in parts and somewhere between 4 and 8 hours to install).  We calculate that this is a 4 month payback for an average class 8 truck (click).

Here's a fuel calculator so you can verify what your own savings will be (click).

Commercial trucks operate on a razor thin profit margin, so the HyCO 2DT will often double the actual 'profit per truck' by reducing the (in our example) annual fuel expenses by $10,000+.  Boats and stationary power supplies will also seriously benefit by adding the HyCO 2DT technology.

The power gain is a significant consideration as well; it allows trucks to operate in higher gears on grades or against headwinds which can save hours in travel time; hours that the truck can use to increase productivity.  

I've heard of trucks stopped only 15 minutes from their destination because the driver ran out of 'driving time' (mandated by law) or truckers getting fined when their time/mileage logs were checked or trucks that couldn't unload because they were a few minutes late to the dock. Time is also saved by fewer fuel stops and more flexibility by having a longer range truck.

Of course, the fuel savings could also be passed onto the customer, allowing the trucking company to be more flexible in it's shipping quotes and getting business that would otherwise have gone elsewhere.

In addition to the fuel savings that you'll automatically receive, we will give a $1,000 rebate to those trucks (or boats or stationary engines) that complete the participation requirements of our HyCO 2DT Pre-Release Program.  
~ We need verifiable before and after real world fuel consumption and pollution tests.  To participate in this program you'll need to detail how you will acquire this data.
~ We'll need testimonials, pictures and video.
~ Dyno tests would be a bonus but not required.
~ We'll require permission to publish all of the above.
~ We'll need your patience as we work out any glitches we find in our website, Resources, FAQ, Installation instructions, etc.  We don't anticipate finding many glitches, because we've had decades of experience with this product.

This Pre-Release Program is limited to 20 installations.
Our intention is to have the Pre-Release Program Agreements ready by July and sale/delivery of HyCO 2DTs by early August.  The reason for this 'delay' is because I'm working on several projects already and we need the time to line up interested people and get everything in place to support them properly.

This program is open to anyone on the planet, but the instructions (for now) will only be in English.  We have a limited ability to help Spanish speaking people, for those, be sure to request the Columbia made units.

An additional advantage of having a HyCO 2DT running on your truck is our affiliate program (it's free to join).  You will receive 10% of the retail sale for every unit someone buys through your affiliate referral.  Currently that means $300 per HyCO 2DT.  It's pretty easy to sell them once you have a working unit saving you thousands of dollars.

If you're interested in the HyCO 2DT Pre-Release Program, or know someone who would be, I can be contacted here (click).

# # #


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