ScanGauge II

ScanGauge II

Track your automobile statistics with ease.  Unit plugs into the diagnostic connector found under-dash on 1996 and newer cars and light trucks.

3-in-one accessory

ScanGauge II Provides
Information About Your Vehicle In Real-time.
The integrated Trip Computer provides real-time feedback while simultaneously tracking three sets of trip data. The Digital Gauges give you real-time data for your vehicle and the built-in Scan Tool allows you to read trouble codes and diagnose potentially expensive problems before they get out of hand.
All this in a small and simple to install unit that can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.

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Save Fuel Using The ScanGauge!
Compact size
Fits almost anywhere!
Works On 1996 or Newer Vehicles
Including: Gas, Diesel, Propane and
Hybrid Vehicles ...Review compatibilities
Detachable Cable
Allows for easy portability from vehicle
to vehicle.
Menu Driven Operations
No need to memorize complex sequences
Works On All OBDII Protocols
Including CAN, required on all vehicles
starting in 2008.
Large High Contrast LCD
User changeable backlight color
Money Back Guarantee!
30 day unconditional money back guarantee!!

ScanGaugeII Now Includes Add-A-Gauge™

Add up to 25 additional gauges to your ScanGaugeII.
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New Software
Vehicle Specific Gauges
Instantaneous HorsePower
Cost Per Mile/Cost Per Trip
Fuel Rate Out To 1/100th per Gal./Ltr.

Regular Features

The ScanGaugeII is an extremely compact automotive computer designed to read and display information about your vehicle in real time.

Simply connect the ScanGaugeII to your vehicle through it's OBDII port using the included cable, turn the ignition key and the ScanGaugeII automatically connects to your cars internal computer - it's that simple.

  • No tools needed to install
  • Mounts in, on or below the dash

The ScanGaugeII allows you to troubleshoot your own car, read error codes, and the conditions present when the error occurred. You can also turn off the “Check Engine” light and avoid those costly trips to the mechanic.
  • Reads Trouble Codes
  • Reads conditions that set the Trouble Code
  • Clears Trouble Codes
  • Turns off the "Check Engine" light
  • Tells you when vehicle is "Ready" to pass OBDII testing
  • Make and store up to 10 rewritable special codes to send to the vehicle computer
Display 4 gauges at a time from the 12 built-in digital gauges. the information is presented in Real-time!
  • Fuel Economy
  • Fuel Rate
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Engine Speed (RPM)
  • Vehicle speed (MPH)
  • Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles)
  • Engine Load
  • Throttle Position
  • Ignition Timing
  • Open/Closed Loop
Automatically tracks four sets of trip data - Each with 11 individually stored parameters.
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Maximum Coolant Temperature
  • Maximum RPM
  • Driving Time
  • Driving Distance
  • Fuel Used
  • Trip Fuel Economy
  • Distance to Empty
  • Time to Empty
  • Fuel to Empty
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    "This inexpensive tool should end a lot of debate over what works for mileage and what does not." -- Louis LaPointe

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  • Useful fuel monitor for showing real-time usage. -- Time magazine; May 19, 2008 (Ref.); CNN, May 31, 2008

  • "...designed to save you fuel by adjusting the way you drive." (CNN Money / Popular Mechanics; July 10, 2008)

  • "WOW! This is the best piece of vehicle tech. I have bought in years. Works so well, in fact, I want to fit it to my wife's BMW X5 on a semi-permanent basis." -- Paul Salters <psalters {at} > (October 14, 2006)

  • "I love that thing.  I think it's going to pay for itself.  It's telling me that the spark is being retarded on regular gas to the point that if I change to premium I'll get better mileage." -- Calvin L. McDougal <themcdougal {at} > (Mar. 10, 2006)

  • "Those of us who drive vehicles with Ford V10's really like the product. The gauges provided in modern vehicles (temp, etc.) are hard to read and inaccurate." -- Tom Comstock <email > (Dec. 1, 2005)

  • eBay Seller Feedback - review our feedback at eBay

    • "I bought a scanguage2 from your company. The sale was excellent from beginning to end, and super fast shipping. With all the scammers out there trying to sell the old outdated versions of the scan gauge, I was worried. But your feedback & listing was accurate, & put my mind at ease. You were honest, & gave up-front, great communication. I trusted you, so I bought the scan gauge. Of course it was the newest version, and it wasn't a reconditioned unit either, like others sell. I am so glad I purchased my unit from you." (Russ; Jan. 11, 2008)


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